Hon. Tayebwa has served on the Natural Resources, and National Economy Committees of Parliament. He also served on the eight member select committee to investigate mismanagement of Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) in 2019.
The Natural Resources Committee is responsible for the exploitation of the country’s natural resources including energy and mineral resources. The committee has been instrumental and central in construction of the hydro power dams of Isimba and Karuma in the last five years. The committee oversaw the commissioning of Isimba dam in 2019. The committee has also overseen the construction of the biggest of the biggest power dam in the country, Karuma hydro power dam (600MW). When the dam developed minor defects, in 2019, the committee recommended to the President to institute a committee of experts to review which was done.
The committee on National Economy, on the other hand is responsible for mobilization of resources to implement the Government plans and programmes. The committee has been focal in mobilizing resources to absorb COVID-19 shocks from affecting our economy. This mobilization was done through the Worls Bank, International Monetary Fund and other multilateral agencies.
In Ruhinda County North, Hon. Tayebwa has started the Women Farmers Sacco which now has a membership of 1500 women and a net worth of over 500m, lobbied Governmet to turn Kiyanga Vocational Secondary School and St. Benedict S.S into government-aided schools, lobbied friends from India who funded the construction of a 100M classroom block at Nyampikye primary school, hosted the First Lady Mama Janet Museveni to raise funds for all government-aided secondary schools in the constituency and each school received a grant to build a new block where over 300M was raised, taken over 50 students to Israel for agro-studies where they earn millions whilst acquiring hands-on skills, lobbied to ensure all Sub-counties of Ruhinda North get electricity and water.

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